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Travel is a time to to relax and be stress free. Making sure you are protected, and prepared, will help you travel with Peace of Mind

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Saving for that trip can sometimes seem like a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be. There are unique strategies to suit your needs.

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Travel Insurance Needs

Coverage for Medical Emergencies, Out of Country visitors, Trip Cancellation and/or Trip Interruption, Baggage Loss, Pre-existing conditions, emergency evacuation and transportation.

Investment Strategies

Save for travel, retirement, housing, education, estate planning, growing family, household needs, future planning and medical care.

Life Insurance Coverage

Protection for the family, final expenses, estate needs, business succession, disability, critical illness, long term care solutions, health and dental.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

One of the things about traveling outside of your home, is we never know, when or if something should happen, would we be prepared? 

If you lost your luggage and you had valuables in your suitcase. Would you be okay with the loss?  What if you were unable to go on your trip, for numerous reasons.  Would you be okay with financial setback this could cost you? What would you do if while away you or a companion was to suffer from an unforeseen illness or accident.  Would you be prepared to pay for the medical bill that you may incur?

What Are the Strategies I Could Use to Save?

To start saving, takes discipline and commitment.  But the one important factor to help you with your planning, is the WHY?  

WHY are you saving, will help to make the process easier for you in the long run.  Are you saving for that much needed family vacation, your children’s education, retirement, buying a home, leaving money for your loved ones.

Once you know the WHY! You are on your way to your financial goals.

Do I Need Personal Insurance?

Life insurance is one of the key financial aspects to our overall estate preservation.  If something was to happen to a key member of the family, how would those financial obligations, be taken care of? 

Personal insurance also covers Living benefits as well.  A life altering illness can leave a person in a situation where they would be unable to work and a potential decrease in income. 

This is where a living benefit plan comes in.  The same would apply for Disability coverage as well as a Health and Dental plans.

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